PWG2-50/100kW Solar + Storage Hybrid Inverters​​ sale

PWG2-50/100kW Solar + Storage Hybrid Inverters​​

Modular design
Built-in transformer
2DC &1AC connections
MPPT bulit-in
2 to 1 PV-storage ratio
Optional fast swtiching over for backup power (20ms) and outdoor version


• Modular design and wide power range in single cabinet
• Bi-directional Power Conversion System
• Built-in transformer
• Grid-support functions
• Flexible configuration
• Support PV access


Supported Battery Types:
• Lithium-ion based battery
• Lead-carbon battery




PV input voltage range 500-900Vdc / 500-800Vdc (MPPT)
Battery voltage range 250-520Vdc
Grid interactive 400V or 480V
Stand-alone 400V or 480V
Frequency 50/60Hz
Battery charging/discharging 110A(130A Max.)/220A (260A Max.)
AC 60A/120A
PV 100A/200A
Dimensions 800*800*2000mm/32'*32'*80'
Weight 500kg/650kg




Connection Patterns






1. Solar storage integrated machine, one machine with multiple functions integrates photovoltaic energy storage

The PWG2 50/100K optical storage integrated machine product integrates energy storage converters and photovoltaic inverters, which can efficiently use photovoltaic power generation, reduce installation site workload, reduce the integration difficulty of integrators, and meet the needs of small and medium-sized micro-grids and industrial and commercial buildings. Integrated optical storage application.

2. Intelligent switching of multiple operating strategies

The optical storage integrated machine can be directly connected to the photovoltaic panel for charging, eliminating the loss in the transmission process, improving the stability of the output current, and making the charging process more efficient.

It can also be applied to an integrated solar storage device to convert the current output by the photovoltaic into usable electricity for the grid, thereby improving economic benefits.

3. Flexible configuration, with maximum power photovoltaic power generation

The optical storage integrated machine can be connected to the maximum power of twice the equipment capacity, up to 200kW, which improves the flexibility of product configuration in areas without electricity. The product has its own MPPT photovoltaic maximum power tracking function, which can detect the power generation voltage of the photovoltaic panel in real time, so that the system can charge the battery with the maximum power output and increase the power generation of the system.

4. Achieve seamless switching between on-grid and off-grid

Cooperating with STS, it can realize seamless switching between on-line and off-grid. In the event of power outages, rainstorms, line failures and other emergencies, seamless switching of the load can be realized within 0-20ms to ensure the continuity of power consumption and avoid economic losses caused by power outages.

5. Perfectly respond to various types of outdoor weather

Optional outdoor version can effectively reduce the construction cost in remote areas with IP54 protection level, which can perfectly cope with various types of outdoor weather.

Dust-proof, splash-proof, high temperature, high altitude, high cold.

6. Global product certification

Products have covered more than 50 countries and regions around the world. Many products have been certified and tested by many international authoritative certification organizations such as ETL, TUV, CE, SAA, UL, etc., and meet domestic and international product standards.



Additional Information:


PWG2-50_100K-CN Datasheet

PWG2-50_100K-NA&EX Datasheet

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