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Founded in 2015, Eusolar operates as a global energy provider with successful business franchises in several countries. Eusolar is both a global leading provider of GaAs triple junction solar cell and also main distributor of Huawei PV inverter.

As a pioneer in the near-space field, Eusolar has been professional in epitaxial wafers, triple junction gallium arsenide solar cells, satellite gallium arsenide solar cells, gallium arsenide modules, commercial satellite gallium arsenide photovoltaic arrays, unmanned aerial solar cells, concentrating solar modules , development of special photovoltaic modules and related products, system equipment, military-civilian integration products, small satellite technology services, commercial satellite cooperation and development, concentrating power station construction, etc. And has cooperated with Chinese Academy of Sciences, Space Institute, Zhejiang University, Harbin Institute of Technology, University of Surrey and other institutions for several space project.

To date, Eusolar has helped to build over 300MW solar power plants and connected globally. Of the total project pipeline, 105MW are at development with the locations of Ukraine and other EU countries and regions.

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